Build "Home of the Happy Child Tahuichi"
(Villa del Niño Feliz Tahuichi)

Soccer FieldAs part of a special long-term land-lease arrangement with the City of Santa Cruz, Tahuichi was given 24 hectares of land located in a strategic urban zone. On this land, Tahuichi hopes to build their "field of dreams"—the Villa del Niño Feliz Tahuichi. Completing construction of this home is a big aspiration of the Tahuichi Academy. It would allow all the children to have a place they can call home. A place where they know they can go everyday and feel like they belong. Fields and playing grounds where they could practice sport supported by an adequate infrastructure they have never had.

Administration Building Soccer Field Albergue Building Tahuichi Dormitory Tahuichi Village Panoramic View Cafeteria

The plan calls for the construction of basic administrative and sport facilities surrounded by ecological-friendly landscaping complementary to the theme of the "Happy Child Tahuichi".

The Master Plan of the Home of the Happy Child "Tahuichi" specifies the following:

  • Final Architectural and Engineering designs
  • Administration, Medical and Board of Directors Building plus the Trophy Room
  • The Coaches Building and Conference Room
  • Handicapped Children's Shelter and Training Facility
  • Dormitories for Scholarship Players
  • Gymnasium
  • Watchman's Lodge
  • Kitchen and Snack Facilities
  • Laundry Room—a very large laundry room.
  • Indoor Coliseum
  • Mini Tahuichi Stadium (to showcase the Mundialito Paz y Unidad Under-15 International Tournament)
  • Soccer Fields (8 Full Size and 1 mini field). 2 Fields with lights.
  • Perimeter Wall—need to keep the cows out.

Once the Home of the Happy Child "Tahuichi" is completely constructed, because of Santa Cruz's privileged climate and altitude (460 meters above sea level), 5000 children could play soccer the whole year round.

In addition to the healthy recreation of children through the practice of soccer, Tahuichi plans to use the Home of the Happy Child "Tahuichi" as a center for social and community activities. Promoting national and international "unity" by taking advantage of the geographical location of Santa Cruz situated in the heart of South America.

Making the Home of the Happy Child "Tahuichi" a reality is going to require sizeable contributions. Or maybe you know someone, who knows someone, who can provide the heavy equipment and/or raw materials needed to complete construction or phases of construction. Whatever it is, we can sure use your help.